Pipeline Cleaning Equipment (PIGS)

Pipeline Cleaning and Inspection Equipment

TSW Engineers Ltd specializes in the manufacture & pipeline cleaning and inspection equipment (PIG)

Pigs are used as cleaning and/or inspection modules in oil and gas pipelines. Polyurethane discs form a seal on the pipe internal diameter and the pressure of fluid pushes the pig through the pipe. The Polyurethane discs deform to the pipe size allowing the pigs to negotiate different pipe diameters, bends and tees or joints. The pigs may comprise either single or multi-module units, with or without spring loaded guide rollers and may incorporate brushes for cleaning the inside of the pipe.

Figure 1 shows a typical oil/gas pipeline pig, 20-26” vehicle that TSW Engineers Ltd manufactured for the Simian / Saphire pipeline in Egypt.


Figure 1 © FTL Seals Technology

Quality Assurance

TSW Engineers Ltd operates a Quality Management System fully in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 2015 and is third party accredited.