Roll Shop De-chocking Machines

Hot / Cold Steel Strip Mill Roll Shop Equipment

mill-roll-shopTSW Engineers specialises in the design and manufacture of Roll shop equipment including, 5 Stand Tandem Reversing Mill Roll de-chocking machines, Back-Up Roll de-chocking machines, Roll cleaning equipment and Chock Tilting Machines.

De-Chocking machinery is used to assist in the removal of chocks (roll bearing housing assemblies) from Tandem Mill work rolls and back-up rolls. Work Roll systems consist generally of two powered travelling (Y axis) bogies each having a hydraulically powered X-Z axes table.

Each bogie is positioned on rails each side of a central roll support stand. The machine is manually controlled to remove the chocks from either end of a used work roll allowing the roll to be removed for re-grinding and then to re-fit the chocks to re-ground rolls adjacently placed on the roll stand.

The system significantly reduces the turn around time for replacement of the work rolls in the Mill, and is self aligning, easy to operate therefore increasing bearing seal life. Because of the size and the infrequent need to re-grind back up rolls, Back up de-chocking machines are usually one roll units.

mill-roll-shop2TSW has supplied de-chocking machines to organisations such as Corus UK Ltd., Duferco Steel Processing PTY Ltd (South Africa), and Bethlehem Steel Corporation (USA).

As each system is designed to suit the individual requirements of each client please contact us for further information.

Quality Assurance

TSW Engineers Ltd operates a Quality Management System fully in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 2015 and is third party accredited.